In 2020, I co-hosted two podcast series with our Digital Content Manager, Ashley Danner. I loved getting to learn a new way to connect our Christ United audience during a pandemic and look forward to more series to come. 

The Enneagram Unplugged is at over 1,800 listens so far while The Book of Joy Podcast has 368 listens. The most popular episode is the "Intro to the Enneagram". I share a little bit more personally in episode "Enneagram Three" as I type myself as a Three. 

THE ENNEAGRAM UNPLUGGED (from the Christ United website)

We are so excited to share The Enneagram Unplugged. We have a passion for this self-discovery tool, and we hope you will join us as we explore all nine numbers and give you a place to start on your journey to knowing your number.”On the Enneagram Unplugged podcast, we will spend quality time with each number, hearing their stories, getting their advice, personal perspective, and hopefully giving you some personal insight on each number that may help you discover your own. Hosted by Ashley Danner (Enneagram Two) and Kristin Steed (Enneagram Three), our short series hopes to bring you a feeling of connection, tons of honest stories, and a laugh or two. 


The book of joy podcast(from the Christ United website)

Join Ashley and Kristin for a joyful journey through the 8 pillars of joy from The Book of Joy, by his holiness the Dalai Lama, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, and Douglas Abrams. This short series will bring you a bite-sized bit of joy each week as we study this book together as a church and put it into practice.